Carlotta Montanari is on national FX network with American Crime Story” INDIE ACTIVITY NOV 04 2017

Welcome to indieactivity, Carlotta Montanari, you will be on national FX NETWORK with American Crime Story in January 2018 in the mini-series along with Penelope Cruz and Edgar Ramirez, directed by Matt Bomer and distributed by 20th Century FOX.

indieactivity: What would you like, or you can, share about this project?
Carlotta: This chapter of American Crime Story tells the story of the assassination of the great Gianni Versace. Being Italian myself, I felt very close to this project since I read the part. My character is a very elegant beautiful woman, a high class Italian woman of the 70’s. She knows what she wants, and is a tough but an important figure in Versace’s life and career turning point. The whole story is brilliantly written and so are the dialogues, and I really hope the audience will love it.

On the set there was an incredible energy and chemistry in the relationship of the whole team. I felt very happy to be part of such a family all along. Being directed by such inspiring actor like Matt Bomer gave me so much freedom in the creative process right away because his immense sensitivity toward the actors and the art of acting itself.

There was a great chemistry and bonding between all of us during the creative process. All of us were there doing our job in the best way possible. I felt lucky to be working with Matt Bomer and with such great a versatile actor like Edgar Ramirez. Now I look forward to see the show.

indieactiivty: Tell us one creative choice you made on set during production?
Carlotta: My creative choice for this character was mostly working on the period, who I was and what I needed. It’s true that costume and makeup were incredible, seriously one of the best I have ever worked with. However, the way we moved, talked and even thought are all elements that make the time. Since I woke up, on my way to the set I was all about her, in 1976, from the music I was listening, the way I was looking at things, all in that beautiful italian romantic way…

indieactiivty: What did you take away from this experience?
Carlotta: One word, Faith. It was a surprising week for me, I was going through an emotional pain and I was sure that this audition didn’t go well at all. One of those days when you wish to rewind everything and redo everything in a better way. Well, I was on set shooting the national Honda commercial when unexpectedly I got the call from my agent for this role on Versace’s story. I was filled of happiness and joy, not just for the booking, but because once again life has surprised me and reminded me to believe in me, and not to be hard on myself.

indieactivity: What did you like most about working on this production?
Carlotta: When a set is so filled of creativity and positive energy I always leave a part of me there. I will always have inside of me this experience, the people I met and felt them like a family, and this character that I felt so close to me. This was one of those times when you don’t want to go back to the world out there, and you don’t want to let your character go!

indieactivity: Who is Carlotta Montanari?
Carlotta: Carlotta is so many elements that sometimes it confuses even herself ! Shy at times, and at times a bloody Italian firecracker. Definitely on the way to fearless. Carlotta is a girl who had to become a warrior in order to do what she loves and never gave up, even when things got very hard. She is someone who does not compromise, and believes wholeheartedly in dreams. I am an old soul.

indieactivity: The 70’s were incredible times, what are your thoughts about today’s Hollywood?
Carlotta: Yes, thosewere best times for sure! Being a working actor in Hollywood is a privilege and I recognize it. There is a lot happening in our industry. I feel angry that incredible women and men, performing artists like me had to go through such violence. I am a strong woman, but at the same time I am deeply sensitive and I suffer for everything that is unjust. I had to fight very hard myself to rebuild my happiness, and stand up for my rights after years ago a bad individual harassed me, cyber bullied me and psychologically shut me down, to the point that I had lost my ambition and passion for acting and my happiness and my health.

It was thanks to God, thanks to my acting, my agents, and most importantly the immense love of my family and my beloved, that I was able to overcome this and work even harder. I still carry with me the pain at the idea that someone random out there can try to ruin your life, all your dreams, your beliefs and values. I will always thank for being an actor and being able to use all these emotions to do my job that I live for.

indieactiivty: What is next for you?
Carlotta: I couldn’t be more grateful for this incredible 2017, and I want to think that the best is yet to come! I am a positive person and I believe good vibe attracts more good vibe! I will just continue working and keep the creative process going. I thank The Actors Studio for that, because even when I am not working on a set, I always am working on myself, just like an athlete that keeps training for the next Olympics to win.

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