Carlotta Montanari was born as Carlotta Sofia Montanari in Rimini, Italy. Born and raised in northern of Italy made her professional artistic debut at an early age by acting and hosting for the major national networks while appearing in commercials and films.

As a child, being a true animal lover Carlotta originally wanted to be a veterinarian and become a professional horseback rider as she started riding at the age of five and grew up mostly at the family ranch in a beautiful landscape of the Emilia Romagna. The separation of her parents and the loss of the family unit, when she was only a child, lead to an emotional state of incompleteness and melancholy in Carlotta's life that was soothed by the deep relationship with her grandmother Maria and the contact with the animals and nature.

Growing up she considered to become a filmmaker, given her passion for the big screen, the old movies and filming, but later she studied and graduated with Master of Visual Arts at the Fellini's Institute; thereafter she studied journalism and communication sciences. During the studies was invited to join an intensive acting seminary based on Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg. It was at that moment that Carlotta started feeling emotionally free and thought that acting was going to be her lifetime companion and a healing playground. The need of acting more often than only for hobby inspired her to move to Rome to study theatre full time, and working as television host and writer during the studies.

Driven by the aspiration to work with the masters of the acting craft, Carlotta headed for Los Angeles. Shortly after obtaining her first acting role, she was invited to the prestigious Actor's Studio moderated by Hollywood legend and mentor Martin Landau, Salome Jens, Mark Rydell and Lou Antonio. She also worked with teachers such as Penny Allen and Allan Miller.

Carlotta's philanthropy includes voluntary work at dogs and horse rescues in Southern California, WWF, Leukemia and MS research, and various associations against Domestic Violence.

As a versatile actress Carlotta now stars in several Hollywood feature films and TV shows.